Cricut Cake Cartridges

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The Cricut Cake machine is geared towards those Cricut users who enjoy decorating cakes just as much as they enjoy embellishing cardstock. With a heavy-duty needle and a protective cover, this machine is designed to cut frosting and fondant with ease.

Cricut Cake Cartridges

While the machine takes playing with your food to a whole new level, the cartridges built for this device blow the concept out of the park. With the help of these cartridges and the incredible collections of graphics and accents contained in each of them, users can quickly and easily decorate cakes, cupcakes, pastries or any edible product in need of a decorative touch.

Birthday Cakes Cricut Cake Cartridge

This cartridge is loaded with graphics appropriate for a wide variety of birthday party themes. From dinosaurs and princesses to nature and borders, this cartridge is the perfect companion to any birthday cake.

With it, users can ditch the generic store-bought cakes and create their own personal and sentimental birthday cake.

Cake Basics Cricut Cake Cartridge

The Cake Basics cartridge has everything users need to get started with this machine. From borders and flourishes to shapes and motifs, this cartridge can turn an amateur into a pro in no time at all.

Elegant Cakes Cricut Cake Cartridge

The Elegant Cakes cartridge is indeed elegant. Featuring a wide variety of sophisticated graphics and beautiful flourishes, this cartridge can turn the plainest of cupcakes into an elegant treat.

Holiday Cakes Cricut Cake Cartridge

The Holiday Cakes cartridge is perfect for those users who enjoy making desserts for just about every holiday and special occasion. With plenty of festive graphics and images to choose from, this cartridge is always in the mood for celebrating, not to mention baking.

Check out all of the Cricut Cake cartridges and see what an exciting and elegant assortment of cooking/crafting tools now at your disposal!

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